General Information

Full Name Young Joon Lee
Languages English, Korean


  • Jan 2024 - present
    Lead Investigator
    Jeju RIS Office for High-Intelligent Service
    • Collaborate with educational institutions in Jeju for AI integration in curricula.
    • Strategize AI deployment aligning with Jeju's cultural and economic context.
  • Aug 2023 - present
    Chief Innovation Officer
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Lead university's AI and emerging technology research and innovation initiatives.
    • Direct cutting-edge AI research integrating theoretical frameworks with practical implementations across various industries.
    • Establish a knowledge exchange platform for AI research and insights.
  • Mar 2022 - present
    Head of Research
    Natural Language Research Center, Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Lead development of sophisticated AI-driven NLP models tailored for the financial industry.
    • Collaborate on the development of an AI-powered virtual physician to enhance healthcare delivery through advanced NLP techniques.
    • Pioneering AI technologies for robotic portrait drawing and visual media arts, integrating AI with creative processes.
  • Feb 2021 - present
    Assistant Professor
    Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Teach a comprehensive range of AI engineering courses, from NLP and MLOps to Robotics and Operating Systems, while mentoring student research in these areas.
    • Supervise student research projects, fostering a robust learning environment that encourages innovation and practical application of AI technologies.
  • Mar 2019 - Sep 2020
    Visiting Scholar
    Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA
    • Lead a project utilizing machine learning and NLP for transforming ESG data analysis and investment.
    • Focus on extracting insights from unstructured ESG data for sustainable investment decisions.
    • Combine advanced technological methodologies with financial analysis to enhance ESG factor understanding in investment.
    • Aid in improving sustainable investing standards and promoted a data-driven approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability.
    • Leverage expertise in sustainable finance and technology to support the transition towards a decarbonized, climate-resilient global economy.
  • Sep 2018 - Aug 2021
    Yonsei Business Research Institute, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
  • Oct 2014 - Jan 2017
    Senior Quantitative Analyst
    Gian Research, Seoul, Korea
    • Develop risk models and portfolio tools for equity and bond investment.
    • Consult on pension fund management systems and asset management processes.
    • Create a fixed-income risk model and quantitative equity rating system.
  • Jul 2006 - Sep 2014
    Head of Quantitative Strategy
    Hyundai Securities, Seoul, Korea
    • Research asset allocation for MOLIT Housing Fund.
    • Present investment strategies at various forums.
    • Design and provide quantitative factor investing strategies.
    • Consult and test low-volatility strategies for ETF construction.
    • Develop earnings valuation models and pair trading systems.
  • Nov 2001 - Oct 2005
    Head of Research and Development
    FnGuide Inc., Seoul, Korea
    • Oversee R&D across business and product lines.
    • Implement new database systems and financial research solutions.
    • Consult on custom index management and equity management systems.

Research Projects

  • Jul 2023 - present
    Multi-Object Detection and Robotic Drawing with Multiple Camera Sensors
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Aim to advance digital art by combining multi-object detection technologies with AI and robotic drawing.
  • May 2023 - Feb 2024
    The Bank of Korea Knowledge Partnership Program with Cambodia
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Analyze Bank of Korea's communication strategies.
    • Assess and propose effective communication strategies for Cambodia's NBC.
    • Utilize machine learning-based text mining for policy analysis.
  • Mar 2023 - Sep 2023
    Dissecting Corporate Reputation Risk in News Media: An Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Approach
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Use ABSA to analyze corporate and CEO reputations in news media.
  • May 2022 - Apr 2023
    Analyzing the Value and Bias in ESG Information: An Innovative Approach Using NLP
    Aju Research Institute of Corporate Management, Seoul, Korea
    • Develop NLP model to evaluate ESG information from media sources.
    • Assess the relationship between ESG information and stock prices.
    • Identify biases in media coverage of ESG aspects.
  • Jan 2023 - Feb 2023
    AI-Based Style Transfer for Digital Art
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Develop AI platform for style transfer in digital art.
  • Jul 2022 - Dec 2022
    An AI-Based Text-to-Image Generation System for Enhancing Artistic Expression
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Create AI system for Korean text-to-image transformation in digital art.
  • Feb 2021 - Feb 2022
    Development of a Pathology Database for an Internet Hospital Platform
    Cheju Halla University, Jeju, Korea
    • Extract and process pathology data for NLP.
    • Develop pathBERT, NER, and RE models for medical data analysis.
    • Construct a Knowledge Graph and develop a QA model.
  • Mar 2021 - Apr 2022
    ML-based ESG Ratings Model
    Aju Research Institute of Corporate Management, Seoul, Korea
    • Develop ML model for ESG ratings.
    • Use NLP and big data analytics for ESG performance evaluation.
  • Mar 2019 - Sep 2020
    Translating Data into Insights
    Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA
    • Explore technologies for ESG data analysis.
    • Use ML and NLP for extracting insights from ESG data.
  • Jan 2018 - Feb 2019
    eKoNLPy: Korean NLP Python Library for Economic Analysis
    Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
    • eKoNLPy is a Korean Natural Language Processing (NLP) Python library specifically designed for economic analysis.
    • It extends the functionality of the Mecab tagger from KoNLPy to improve the handling of economic terms, financial institutions, and company names, classifying them as single nouns.
    • Additionally, it incorporates sentiment analysis features to determine the tone of monetary policy statements, such as Hawkish or Dovish.
  • Mar 2018 - Sep 2018
    Evaluating the Effectiveness of the BOK Communication using Text Mining
    The Bank of Korea, Seoul, Korea
    • Evaluate BOK communication effectiveness using text mining.
  • Jun 2017 - Nov 2017
    Information Extraction and Summarization System using Big Data and AI
    Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
    • Develop a system for information extraction and summarization.
    • Use AI and big data techniques for financial industry applications.


  • Mar 2015 - Feb 2019
    Ph.D. in Finance
    Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
    • Thesis: Deciphering Monetary Policy with Text Mining: An Automated Polarity Classification Approach
  • Mar 2007 - Aug 2010
    M.A. in Economics
    Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
    • Specialization: Financial Engineering
  • Mar 1996 - Feb 2001
    B.S. in Industrial Engineering & Computer Science
    Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


  • Oct 2014
    Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
    CAIA Association
    • Credential ID: 10683
    • Credential in alternative investment industry, covering hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities.
  • Sep 2006
    Chartered Financial Analyst
    CFA Institute
    • Credential ID: 348641
    • Credential in investment industry, covering financial analysis, portfolio management, ethics.
  • Aug 2006
    Certified Research Analyst
    Korea Financial Investment Association
    • Credential ID: 6606001314
    • Credential in investment research industry, covering financial analysis, research methods, ethics.
  • May 2006
    Data Architecture Professional
    Korea Database Agency
    • Credential ID: DAP-06003
    • Credential in data architecture, covering data modeling, database design, data governance.

Academic Interests

  • Financial Economics
    • Monetary Policy
    • Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Finance
    • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
    • Corporate Governance
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Financial Engineering
    • Factor Investing
    • Portfolio Construction
    • Risk Management
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Deep Learning
    • Machine Learning


Programming Languages Python, Java, Visual Basic, Ruby, TypeScript, JavaScript
Development Stacks Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, MacOS, Git, GitHub
Databases Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Statistical Analysis Software R, Python, Matlab, Stata