The “Sustainable Transition with AI” (STAI) workshop, a full-day event collocated with IJCAI 2024, explores the pivotal role of AI in advancing sustainability initiatives. By harnessing AI technologies like NLP, CV, agents, data science, and ML, STAI aims to address the challenges of sustainability for businesses, especially SMEs, on a global and local scale.

The workshop focuses on three key areas:

  1. Robust Data Governance: Leveraging AI for diverse datasets while ensuring privacy, security, and ethical use.
  2. Corporate Sustainability Communications: Utilizing ML to assess and enhance transparency, preventing greenwashing.
  3. Capacity Building for SMEs: Equipping smaller entities with AI tools and strategies for sustainable development.

STAI invites researchers, data scientists, social scientists, companies, and policymakers to join forces in forging an AI-assisted pathway towards sustainability. Authors can submit papers to the non-archival or regular track, with Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards for high-quality regular track papers.

I extend my gratitude to the organizing committee members, Christopher D. Manning, Soh Young In, and Gaku Morio, for their dedication and expertise in shaping the workshop’s agenda.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the sustainable AI revolution! Join us at the STAI workshop during IJCAI 2024 on Jeju Island. Visit for more information and submission details.