We are proud to announce that Cheju Halla University has been selected as part of a consortium for the Advanced Field Innovation and Convergence University (COSS) initiative, which will receive an annual government grant of 10 billion KRW.

On May 21, the Ministry of Education revealed the results of the selection process for the “local government participation” category of the COSS project. This initiative aims to foster talent in cutting-edge fields through innovative collaboration among universities.

In the Internet of Things (IoT) category, the consortium led by Sejong University, in partnership with Daejeon University, Dongguk University, Jeju National University, and Cheju Halla University, has been chosen to receive government support.

As active contributors to the proposal for this project, we at Cheju Halla University are delighted with this achievement. This project will significantly enhance our educational and research infrastructure, particularly in the field of IoT integrated with artificial intelligence. We are committed to continuously advancing research and education in this area to benefit the Jeju region.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked diligently towards this selection. Your efforts have made this success possible.

For more information about the Convergence and Open Sharing System, please visit COSS.