Recently visited Adobe Research in San Jose where I had the pleasure of learning about several new projects. Among them, Adobe Stardust stood out to me. It’s an object-aware, generative AI-powered editing engine that is a game-changer for transitioning from a layer-based to an object-based approach when adopting AI-powered tools.

One thing that particularly impressed me during my visit was Adobe’s commitment to clean and accurate data. This sets a benchmark in the field and underscores the importance of reliable datasets for generative models. It’s no surprise that Adobe’s success in this area is a notable strength, showcasing the synergy between data integrity and AI efficacy.

The vibrant and favorable working environment at Adobe Research is also noteworthy. The blend of innovation, creativity, and collaboration is truly inspiring. It’s a place where one can envision not just contributing but also thriving professionally.

Special thanks to Soo Ye Kim, a research scientist at Adobe Research, for her insights and hospitality. Your work and the environment at Adobe Research are commendable and an inspiration to many in our field.