At the 2023 Spring Future Culture Technology Forum, amidst a gathering of AI enthusiasts and experts, I had the privilege of presenting my insights on the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence. My presentation, set against the backdrop of Jeju’s picturesque Halla Convention Center, delved into the theme “Infinite Possibilities: AI’s Journey Towards Understanding Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.”

I embarked on a narrative journey, likening AI’s transformative force to the expansive and interwoven storyline of the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” My talk highlighted the significant strides AI has made in reshaping our perception of intelligence, language, and reality. I discussed the emergence of large language models and attention mechanisms, as well as the complexities of reinforcement learning and autonomous agents. A significant part of my presentation revolved around AI hallucinations and the intricacies of knowledge graphs, showcasing how AI models strive to comprehend the world around us.

I delved into the true essence of intelligence, questioning whether it lies in the mere ability to recall vast amounts of information or the capacity to understand and interpret the world. Using IBM’s Watson as an example, I emphasized the need for AI systems to move beyond mere data recall to genuine understanding. I also explored the intricacies of language understanding, emphasizing the necessity of world models for AI to grasp the semantics and underlying meanings of languages.

As I navigated the attendees through the session, I touched upon the foundational influence of Alan Turing on AI development, particularly in attention mechanisms. I used the analogy of a vast library to explain AI’s attention mechanism, illustrating how it assigns weights of importance to different data elements, much like a person navigating through a sea of books.

A focal point of my presentation was the phenomenon of AI hallucinations, likening them to distortions of reality, and highlighting the role of Knowledge Graphs in providing structured and factual world knowledge to AI models.

In conclusion, I emphasized the immense potential of AI in understanding and interacting with our world in profound ways. I called attention to the ethical considerations and societal impacts of AI, advocating for AI to be a tool of positive societal progress. My presentation at the forum was not just an exploration of AI’s current capabilities but a glimpse into a future brimming with boundless possibilities, where AI could truly understand everything, everywhere, all at once.

About the Forum

Title: “2023 Spring Future Culture Technology Forum - Directions in Multimodal AI”

Date: May 23, 2023

Location: Halla Convention Hall, Jeju, Republic of Korea

The 2023 Spring Future Culture Technology Forum at Cheju Halla University unveiled a profound exploration into the future of Multimodal AI.